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Planning a trip to Mexico and don't know where to start? My Mexico Travel Guide ebook contains everything you need to plan your own Mexico adventure, without spending hours reading blogs, watching YouTube videos and scrolling Instagram.

This ebook is designed to be your go-to, quick reference guide in the planning stages, and once you arrive in Mexico. Open the guide on your computer, tablet or phone, and have all of our tips right in front of you! You can be confident that you won't miss any of the highlights, will be eating the best tacos and hitting all of the top sights in the area - without hours of research required!

416 beautifully designed pages full of valuable planning information, destination guides and inspiring photos, I have poured all of my knowledge and passion into this ebook.

This Mexico Travel Guide contains two sections:

1 - Mexico Travel Survival Guide

This 46 page chapter covers all the essential information you need to know about travelling in Mexico. From when to visit, staying safe, managing your money and using your phone, this section will prepare you for all the extra stuff you probably haven't considered.

2 - Mexico Destination Guides

This 357 page section is where you will find all the exciting destination guides, for more than 50 destinations across 7 regions in Mexico.

For each of the 7 regions, you'll find:

  • Handy transport guides for getting around
  • Specific weather and climate information
  • Unmissable bucket list experiences

But the
star of the show are the destination guides for the top places to visit within a region. For each destination highlighted, you'll find:

  • The top 5 things to do (10 for larger destinations)
  • Sightseeing checklists included for large cities
  • Tour recommendations
  • 3 accommodation recommendations for all budgets
  • 4 of our favourite places to eat
  • Our picks for the best café, bar and dessert spots


Upon purchase of this Mexico Travel Guide ebook, you will get instant access to download the digital PDF document. This can be viewed with compatible programs on your computer, tablet or phone without any internet connection required. You have unlimited downloads of this ebook, and will receive free updates when the ebook is updated with new information.